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DD1067 The Atomic Cafe

DD1067 The Atomic Cafe$44.95

You can’t get a more classic looking Downtown Deco kit than this one! Our 25th Anniversary kit features all new master patterns, full color signs, rooftop details, a bit of deteriorated concrete sidewalk and complete assembly & painting instructions. 4″ x 6 1/2″. This one will start to ship the 3rd week in January 2017 […]

DD1067 Cooter’s Liquor

DD1067 Cooter’s Liquor$34.95

This alternative version of the First Timer Bar features custom decals by Dave’s Decals and can only be found here on the Downtown Deco site.

DD1066 Downtown Alleyway Flat

DD1066 Downtown Alleyway Flat$64.95

This amazing flat is designed to be used up against a backdrop measures almost 30″ & features beautifully detailed hydrocal castings, plastic doors & windows, pallets, oil barrels pallets, boxes, crates, gas cylinders, full color signs and easy to understand assembly, painting & aging instructions. Track, figures & vehicles not included.

DD1060 The Worst Block In Town

DD1060 The Worst Block In Town$64.95

Every town has to have at least one block like this! Kit includes highly detailed hydrocal castings, full color “Ghost Sign” decals custom made for this kit by Dave’s Decals, an old couch & mattress, two barren foundations & complete assembly, painting & aging instructions. Car & figures not included. 8″ x 10″.

DD1065 Fat Lou’s Liquor

DD1065 Fat Lou’s Liquor$34.95

Beer, wine, lottery tickets & girlie mags, what else could a guy need? This kit would look great next to the tattoo parlor or strip club. Includes very cool stucco/brick castings, full color signs and complete assembly, painting & ageing instructions. 4″ x 4 1/2″.

DD1063 The Boobie Hatch Strip Club

DD1063 The Boobie Hatch Strip Club$49.95

Guaranteed to get more comments from your guests than any quaint little depot this building would look great in the “Bad part of town” of your layout. Richly detailed hydrocal castings, full color signs & complete, easy to understand assembly, painting & aging instructions.4″ x 6″.

DD1064 Chop Suey Take Out

DD1064 Chop Suey Take Out$24.95

This miniscule structure will tuck in just about anywhere & is a perfect kit to get your feet wet trying a hydrocal kit. Fantastic detail, simple construction. It includes full color signs & complete assembly, painting & aging instructions. 1 1/2″ x 4″.

DD1062 Classic American Block

DD1062 Classic American Block$69.95

You can’t get any more hometown than this classic looking block of shops. Included is an Auto Parts Store, a Barber, a Deli & W.S.Burroughs Drugs. Includes beautifully detailed castings, full color signs, sidewalks & complete assembly, painting & weathering instructions. 12″ x 6″

DD1059 The Old Anderson Place

DD1059 The Old Anderson Place$79.95

Almost all towns will have at least one house like this. The neighborhood kids think it’s haunted and the grownups all bemoan that it’s dropping their own property values. Boarded up & abandoned for years, and now condemned by the city, this property has definitely seen it’s better days. Kit includes richly detailed hydrocal castings, […]

DD1058 Gone Bust Block

DD1058 Gone Bust Block$69.95

An ode to failure! What a better way to show the passage of time than to showcase a block of down on their luck stores? The only thing missing here is CB radio shop. Includes 2′ of distressed sidewalks, all signs and complete, easy to understand assembly, painting & aging instructions. 12″ x 6″ (including […]