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It’s been a long time since we’ve had a chance to update the site so there’s lots to catch up on. First off I have a bunch of new kits, starting with Metals Bank. It is available in HO, N & O scales. This kit features all new master patterns, full color signs and complete, easy to understand painting & aging instructions.

metalsoscale 053metalsoscale 018

Metals Bank has a twin based on the same basic castings. The Sisters of Mercy Thrift Store has a different cornice, signs and the covered fire escape is on the opposite side of the building. If you liked you could put Metals Bank & Sisters Thrift Store side by side. This is also available in HO, N & O Scales.

metalsoscale 068metalsoscale 073

Also available in HO, N & O Scales is the First Timer Bar. This is the perfect kit for those that have never built a hydrocal kit before. It’s small, it’s simple, and it’s inexpensive.  I really take the time to walk you through the construction and painting on this one. Try it, you’ll like it!

smokeshop 048

Looking for some truly terrible looking sidewalks? Available in HO & O Scales are our Extremely Deteriorated Concrete Sidewalks. Packed full of cracks and weathering, you probably wouldn’t want to use these everywhere but man would they look good in the bad part of town!

smokeshop 008

Already available in HO Scale, Kitty Korner & The Rescue Mission are now available in N Scale.

smokeshop 003smokeshop 009



As always, my line is always open to my customers. Feel free to call me M/F 9/5 at 406-273-0942 or email me at downtowndeco@montana.com

November 25th, 2013

“Here is an excellent illustrated thread on the kitforums site that walks you step by step through the assembly & painting of a hydrocal structure kit. As always, feel free to email or call with questions.”