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“Cooter’s Liquor” in HO & O Scales!

An alternate version of the First Timer bar this one features custom decals made by Dave’s Decals. This one is a custom one off only available on the site so if you want one make sure you pick it up today! HO $34.95, O Scale $45.95.

“Why should I build a hydrocal kit? What’s so special about them?”

It seems like almost every day I talk to someone who has never quite worked up the courage to try a hydrocal kit. “I’ve never built a plaster kit.” “I’m afraid that’ll I’ll screw up the painting.” “I’m afraid that I’ll break the parts.” “I don’t even know what kind of glue to use etc.” … [View Details]

40 Piece Unpainted Rooftop Details Set. Buy 2 sets, get 1 free!

What gets seen more than the rooftops of our model buildings? This 40 piece unpainted set will help to detail and bring interest to an often ignored feature. Includes vents, air condition units, a water tower & tanks, access hatches, sheds, chimneys, roofing material + complete, full color painting instructions. Special introductory offer! Buy 2 … [View Details]

6/8/2018 New kits in HO, N & O Scales!

We have a bunch of new kits! They are as follows; New in HO Scale DD1068 Downtown Overlook Hotel $89.95  https://www.downtowndeco.com/site/2018/06/08/dd1068-downtown-overlook-hotel/ DD1069 Lindsey’s Grocery $44.95 https://www.downtowndeco.com/site/2018/06/08/dd1069-lindseys-grocery/ DD1070 Von Eerie’s $39.95 https://www.downtowndeco.com/site/2018/06/08/dd1070-von-eeries-restaurant/                           New in N scale; DD2024 Lindsey’s Grocery $39.95https://www.downtowndeco.com/site/2018/06/08/dd2024-lindseys-grocery/ DD2025 Von Eerie’s $34.95 https://www.downtowndeco.com/site/2018/06/08/dd2025-von-eeries-restaurant/ New in … [View Details]

Brand New! “Gone Bust Block” in HO Scale!

Here is the first peek at our new HO kit, “Gone Bust Block”. Who hasn’t seen a block or two like this in any town or city at some time in their lives? Change the signs a bit & this rundown block will fit in just about any era. 12″ x 6″, including the sidewalks. … [View Details]

Brand new! Detail castings sets in HO & O Scales!

These unpainted sets of boxes/crates/trash cans etc have great detail! They come with complete, easy to understand painting instructions and labels for the crates. New masters and molds. Special offer! Buy 2 sets, get a 3rd set at no extra charge! No special code, just order 2 sets & we’ll make sure to send you … [View Details]

New kits in HO, N & O scales!

Sorry it took so long to update the site but I’ve been busy with the new kits. New in HO is The Old Anderson Place, The Classic American Block, Chop Suey Take Out, The Boobie Hatch & Fat Lou’s Liquor. In N Scale we’ve added The Boobie Hatch & in O Scale we have The … [View Details]

Our 25th Anniversary kit, “The Atomic Cafe”!

             This one will be available in HO, N & O Scales and start shipping around the 3rd week of January 2017. The first 100 in each scale will be signed & will come with an extra set of signs (for a taco joint).  Order now to avoid disappointment, the kits … [View Details]

Ramones Storage & Salvage

9/17/21 This kit is now shipping! Here is the link; https://www.downtowndeco.com/site/ramones-storage-salvage-2/ “Ramones” is one part “American Pickers”, one part “Hoarders” & is chock full of just the kind of detail & character you’ve come to expect from us. It features all new hydrocal patterns, 70+ detail parts, full color assembly, painting & weathering instructions and … [View Details]