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This typical American small town hardware store features beautifully detailed hydrocal castings, full color signs (including the sandwich board sign advertising TV’s for the front of the store), plastic doors and windows, a small stretch of weathered sidewalk, complete, easy to understand painting and weathering instructions and even a small TV so you can detail the store front window. 3 1/2″ x 5″.

DD1050 Luci’s Tattoo Emporium

DD1050 Luci’s Tattoo Emporium$44.95

What skid row would be complete without a tattoo parlor? Based on our Patterson’s Hardware kit, the detail on this one is really over the top, from the hydrocal castings all the way to the graphics. 3 1/2″ x 5″.

DD1051 Metals Bank

DD1051 Metals Bank$49.95

We were really happy with the way this little bank came out. It features richly detailed hydrocal castings, full color signs & complete finishing instructions. The cracked stucco on one side & the patching on the other really add to the character. 4″ x 6″.

DD1052 Sisters of Mercy Thrift Store

DD1052 Sisters of Mercy Thrift Store$49.95

Based on the same basic castings as Metals Bank, this building features a whole new set of signs & a nifty looking old water tank on the roof. The two buildings look good side by side IMO. 4″ x 6″.

DD1053 First Timer Bar

DD1053 First Timer Bar$29.95

There no time like the first time for anything & that includes building your first hydrocal kit! Designed with rank beginners in mind, this kit features simple construction but amazing detail. The instructions for this one were specifically written for beginners. Try one, you’ll like it! 1 1/2″ x 4″.

DD1054 Extremely Deteriorated Concrete Sidewalks.

DD1054 Extremely Deteriorated Concrete Sidewalks.$24.95

Man, these are the worst looking sidewalks I have ever seen! Aren’t they great? While you probably wouldn’t want to use these everywhere they’d sure look good down by the tracks. You get enough to do over 4′ of sidewalk. About 1 1/4th” wide.

DD1055 Front Street Flat

DD1055 Front Street Flat$79.95

Designed to be used as a background “flat”, this kit has just about everything. Beautifully detailed hydrocal castings, full color graphics & even a laser cut window to simulate a bullet hole in the glass. Chheck out the rooftop detail and the fire escapes as well! Too cool! 24″ long x 4 1/4th” deep.

DD1056 Factory Flat

DD1056 Factory Flat$49.95

Designed to go up against the backdrop of your layout, this is thin in size (about 1/2″) but long in the detail department. Tichy doors and windows, iron security bars, fire escapes, signs, packing & shipping crates, wire to create the funky “razor security wire”, vents, piping etc. You pretty much get everything except the dog … [View Details]

DD1057 Syzdek Manufacturing

DD1057 Syzdek Manufacturing$59.95

Named after famed modeler Sam Syzdek, this little factory is chock full of character & detail. You just don’t get this gritty, realistic look in plastic kits. The two building set measures 8″ x 6 1/2″ & includes the funky old tin shed.

DD1058 Gone Bust Block

DD1058 Gone Bust Block$69.95

An ode to failure! What a better way to show the passage of time than to showcase a block of down on their luck stores? The only thing missing here is CB radio shop. Includes 2′ of distressed sidewalks, all signs and complete, easy to understand assembly, painting & aging instructions. 12″ x 6″ (including … [View Details]