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DD1039 Old Brick Sidewalks

DD1039 Old Brick Sidewalks$24.95

These rustic brick sidewalks are cast in hydrocal for maximum realism.  You get six straight sections and four corners, enough to do about 3′ of sidewalk.  



Models like this are the reason I manufacture hydrocal kits and in my opinion, the reason you buy them. There is just no other way to get the gritty, organic look of the brick, stone & cracked stucco than to painstakingly hand carve the master patterns as was done here. Includes full color signs and a cast base/foundation with cracks and … [View Details]



This typical American small town hardware store features beautifully detailed hydrocal castings, full color signs (including the sandwich board sign advertising TV’s for the front of the store), plastic doors and windows, a small stretch of weathered sidewalk, complete, easy to understand painting and weathering instructions and even a small TV so you can detail … [View Details]

DD49 Luci’s Tattoo Emporium.

DD49 Luci’s Tattoo Emporium.$89.95

Based on the same set of castings as Patterson’s Hardware, this neat looking tattoo parlor would look great down by the tracks! As with all of our kits, I walk you through assembly step by step including the painting & weathering. 6″ x 10″.

DD50 Metals Bank

DD50 Metals Bank$119.95

Wow! What great detail on this one! Includes amazing detailed hydrocal castings, full color graphics, laser cut wood and cardstock parts and it even includes laser cut bullet hole glass to show where they had a shoot out! I walk you through the whole assembly process, including explaining how I created the bank robbery scene. … [View Details]

DD51 Sisters of Mercy Thrift Store.

DD51 Sisters of Mercy Thrift Store.$119.95

Based on the same basic castings as the Metals Bank, this kit features a different cornice & the enclosed fire escape is on the opposite side, so you can place the bank & this thrift store side by side. Very cool looking graphics on this one, I especially like the way the sign goes over … [View Details]

DD52 First Timer Bar

DD52 First Timer Bar$39.95

There no time like the first time for anything & that includes building your first hydrocal kit! Designed with rank beginners in mind, this kit features simple construction but amazing detail. The instructions for this one were specifically written for beginners. Try one, you’ll like it! 3″ x 7 1/2″.

DD53 Extremely Deteriorated Concrete Sidewalks.

DD53 Extremely Deteriorated Concrete Sidewalks.$29.95

Man, are these ever terrible looking, and I mean terrible in the best sense of the word! Crumbling, cracked and chipped, you coldn’t ask for a more interesting stretch of sidewalk. You get 6 straight sections & 4 corners, enough to do about 4′ of sidewalk. 2 1/4th” wide.

DD54 The Boobie Hatch Strip Club

DD54 The Boobie Hatch Strip Club$79.95

Guaranteed to get more comments from your guests than any quaint little depot this building would look great in the “Bad part of town” of your layout. Richly detailed hydrocal castings, full color signs & complete, easy to understand assembly, painting & aging instructions. 10″ x 7″.

DD55 Chop Suey Take Out

DD55 Chop Suey Take Out$39.95

This miniscule structure will tuck in just about anywhere & is a perfect kit to get your feet wet trying a hydrocal kit. Fantastic detail, simple construction. It includes full color signs & complete assembly, painting & aging instructions. 7″ x 3″.