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DD56 The Atomic Cafe

DD56 The Atomic Cafe$89.95

You can’t get a more classic looking Downtown Deco kit than this one! Our 25th Anniversary kit features all new master patterns, full color signs, rooftop details, a bit of deteriorated concrete sidewalk and complete assembly & painting instructions. 7 1/2″ x 11″. This one will start to ship the 3rd week in January 2017 … [View Details]

DD57 Cooter’s Liquors

DD57 Cooter’s Liquors$44.95

This alternate version of the First Timer Bar features custom decals by Dave’s Decals. This one is only available here at the Downtown Deco site!

DD58 Lindsey’s Grocery.

DD58 Lindsey’s Grocery.$69.95

Great brick detail & classic vintage signs highlight this kit. 5″ x 7″.

DD59 Von Eerie’s

DD59 Von Eerie’s$79.95

Brains anyone? Liver? Blood sausage? Scrapple? You can see why these guys have gone out of business! Guaranteed to get a chuckle of of your guests. “Brains” sign is off an actual defunct business in St. Louis. 9″ x 7″.

DD60 Unpainted detail casting set.

DD60 Unpainted detail casting set.$24.95

50+ piece set of boxes/crates/trash cans and clutter. Unpainted but come with complete painting instructions and labels for the boxes.