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Downtown Deco Modelers’ Galleria

Diorama by Randy Pepprock


Modelers’ Photo Gallery 

Our photo gallery contains several examples of just how realistic Downtown Deco models can look when finished with a little creativity and care. Some of the models shown have been modified or kit bashed, others are basically stock kits.
We’d enjoy seeing and sharing our customer’s renditions of our models.  If you have photos you would like to share with us, please send photo’s via e-mail. 
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Do you still put customer photos on your web site? I couldn’t resist sending these. I get a lot of positive feedback on your buildings. I couldn’t decide which one to send.

Hope all is well with you.


“Jerry Barnes did this kit & added an enclosed wooden fire escape.”

Thanks for the picture Jerry!


“This is a very limited run (less than 25 signed/numbered kits) version of our Trackside Taven kit we “resigned” as the “Boobie Hatch” Available in N ($39.95), HO ($49.95) & O ($84.95) Scales. Because this is such a limited run kit you won’t find it in our “products” here on the site, if you want one you need to either call or email to see if I still have one left in your scale. Trust me, this is going to get more comments and chuckles from the guests to your layout than a boxcar full of depots or stations.”                 
“This is the Patterson’s Hardware” kit with the alternate set of signs that transforms it into a sleazy tattoo parlor.”
Here’s some pics of my finished Patterson’s.  Another great kit, Randy!

Nicely done Jeff...

Thanks for the pictures Jeff!



  I just finished Patterson’s Hardware, HO scale. Great model, the box said 1/100, so maybe I got a first in HO scale. Anyway, here is a pic. I hope it makes your gallery someday. I also finished the Burgess Mfg. in HO scale, so I sent a picture too
   Thanks again,
   Gary in Maryland

 Hello, folks!
> Here are some shots of my N-scale Skid Row. It’s pretty much done. The little bar on the left end is named after The Universal Joint, a scene in one of Sherry’s favorite films, Mr. Destiny. The Night Owl Coffee Shop is named after the one in the film, L.A. Confidential. Many of the lights are animated neon signs and/or micro-LED’s. Some use my Gold Medal Models N-scale sign decals with electro-luminescent panels behind them for lighting.

Downtown Deco’s Addams Avenue Parts 1, 2, and 3 are used here along with some other kits.

Hope you like what I’ve done with your outstanding Hydrocal kits!

Loren Perry/Gold Medal Models

Skid Row by Randy Pepprock

Diorama by Randy Pepprock


Randy, I didn’t need a hardware store, but I did need a topless bar (who doesn’t?). Feel free to post in the Galleria if you want. Thanks for the new casting. Welcome back to O scale.


Here is a recent submission from our customer Reg.  The ivy looks great.   Thanks for the complimentary advertising.


I have just about finished the “Rescue Mission” which will be the key building in a 3-building diorama which I am building on a lazy susan. I used the  downspouts and an ivy growth to disguise the wall joints. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to try cutting 45-degree joints. I have included some pictures, let me know if you need different shots.

Mission Front View

There will be a How-To type article on this build which I am doing for www.scale-modelers-handbook.com .

Mission Alley View

Thanks for sending the back wall and the extras. They will show up in a future scratch build. You had said you would send along a painting guide but I didn’t find it. If you can email it, feel free to.


Mission Side View

Mission Rooftop View

Anyone recognize this building?


“Steve Lambert finished building our Patterson Hardware kit before the pilot model was even done!. He accidently acquired some post build “earthquake”damage but did a great job making it look like he meant to do it all along. In the future though remember that we’ll replace any damaged hydrocal pieces at no charge, no matter what the reason.”   

More angles of Steve Lambert’s rendition of Patterson’s Hardware.

Alley view


Notice the open window, makes it even more realistic.




Here the sign covers "Earthquake Damages"


“This model built by Steve Hertzer took second place at his local NMRA meet. Good job Steve!”
Take a look at this bird’s eye view of Trackside Tavern, what a great use of space.