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Ramones Storage & Salvage

9/17/21 This kit is now shipping! Here is the link;


“Ramones” is one part “American Pickers”, one part “Hoarders” & is chock full of just the kind of detail & character you’ve come to expect from us. It features all new hydrocal patterns, 70+ detail parts, full color assembly, painting & weathering instructions and a really cool custom decal by Dave’s Decals.

This retails at $149.95 & I have added it to the site so you can order direct. It requires a space of about 14″ x 12′, and comes with everything pictured except the vehicles and figures. It is designed so that you could glue the walls ends to end and turn it into a background flat about 3′ long if you wanted.

Ramones will be available in N Scale at some time, but we will not be doing it in O Scale because of it’s size.

Thank you for being patient, stay well!