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“Why should I build a hydrocal kit? What’s so special about them?”

It seems like almost every day I talk to someone who has never quite worked up the courage to try a hydrocal kit. “I’ve never built a plaster kit.” “I’m afraid that’ll I’ll screw up the painting.” “I’m afraid that I’ll break the parts.” “I don’t even know what kind of glue to use etc.”

Stop it. Hydrocal kits don’t bite. They’re simply model kits like all of the other model kits you’ve put together over the years, they’re just made of slightly different materials, that’s all. You test fit the parts, give them a swipe or two with a sanding block to get a good fit & then glue them together & paint the thing like any other model. That’s all there is to it.

The instructions for my kits walk you through the assembly, painting & weather step by step in an easy to understand manner. I tell you what kind of glue to use, what kind of paint to use & exactly how I painted the model on the box cover so that you can get similar results. I write the instructions with beginners in mind. Yes, there’s more there if you’ve built a few that you’ll get something out of them too but I try to keep them simple & easy for the average person to understand.

What does a hydrocal kit have to offer that a plastic or laser cut kit does not? In my opinion the place where hydrocal kits really shine is in their representation of masonry buildings. If you are replicating a building that is made of brick, stone, stucco or concrete there is nothing, and I mean nothing that is going to look as a good as a hydrocal model.

The main reason for this is not that the castings are made out of plaster, which yes, does take to painting or staining better than plastic or resin, but because the master patterns are all hand carved, one brick, one stone, one cracked bit of stucco at a time. Because they are hand created by an artist, rather than a computer program, they have an amazing realistic, organic feel to them that you’re just not going to find in any other type of kit.

Cracked, chipped & missing bricks. Ghost stairways & remnants of buildings that have been long torn down. Decaying stucco with brick or stone peeking through. Real, organic looking rock. Crumbling concrete & bricked in windows & doorways. All of this is possible with hydrocal. No other material or type of model kit even comes close. I like to see people have fun with my kits & not be afraid of them. You end up with a broken part somehow? Let me know & I’ll send you a replacement part at no charge, no questions asked.

Afraid you’re going to screw up the painting? Don’t be. Have it & if you feel like you’ve really mucked things up give me a call & I’ll send you another set of castings to give it a second try.  If you have any issues at all please feel free to call or email me directly. I want you to have success with my kits. I want you to be happy with them. I need you to be. I have a daughter in college. :  )

Time & again people tell me, “You know, once I built the first one I found out it wasn’t that hard.” Stop putting it off. Buy a hydrocal kit today, and when you get home, open it up & have at it. Trust me, it won’t bite.

Randy Pepprock

Downtown Deco